Have you ever received a product that does not suit quality it should be? It is not the case for Strawcomfort products.

We are focused towards best possible quality for our Strawcomfort products, therefore our team is responsible for constant quality check during different production stages, starting from gathering of raw material and finishing with transporting ready products to your place.

Also, regular laboratory analysis of our products is being made.

Our production has 4 different stages and our team is carefully inspecting everything during them.


We gather only natural raw material which was grown by local farmers. It is being kept only under roof with extra special water resistant cover. Constant inspection of all gathered raw material is being made.


Our products are made using special technology, which guarantee 90° C temperature during producing process. Therefore our pellets are free of fungi and other bacteria. Also, no chemicals or other additives are used during producing process.
Our products are packed into new and good quality bags, which can be adjusted by your needs. Also, all bags (both big bags and small bags) are specially marked for packaging quality control. Moreover, every pallet of our product is protected with special cover and stretched up, which allows to keep it in open spaces.

Together with our logistics partners we can guarantee you fast, on-time and safe delivery of our products with both sea and land transportation directly to your location.