We offer high quality, 100 % natural, dust-free Crushed Straw Pellets suitable for animal bedding. Our Crushed Straw Pellets are made of dry wheat or rape straw without any additives.
Crushed Straw Pellets are made of dry and pure wheat straw being kept covered throughout the year, therefore the difference in quality comparing to other products is significant. Pellets are produced without the addition of chemicals or binders. Due to high temperature (~90oC) that is released during the production process, our straw pellets are free of fungi, germs and bacteria.

Straw pellets are crushed into a light soil cover which is suitable for use in your poultry house or for other small animals.
We are able to change the grind of our STRAWCOMFORT CRUSHED Straw Pellets according to your desire, whether you prefer finer or slightly less finely ground crushed straw pellets. Our product is special, because it contains significantly less dust, which you will notice when scattering it on the surface.